7 Best Microwave Ovens in India (2022)

Today, the average Indian household can no longer imagine life without a microwave oven. This versatile appliance does everything from defrosting, reheating your dinner, melting butter or chocolate, boiling water, rice, noodles, and the latest ones even do baking and grilling. With a host of amazing features like LCD display, auto cook menu, timer and user-friendly controls, the latest microwave ovens give many technology options for buyers at a variety of price ranges. If you are confused about which microwave oven with the latest features you should choose, we have made a list of the best microwave ovens in India. We have also answered your questions about microwave ovens after doing a comprehensive research.

Table of Contents:

1) Lg 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (mc2886brum, Black, With Starter Kit)


This 28-litres convection microwave from LG will make your cooking hassle-free with a host of features. It takes care of your health while letting you enjoy crispy delights with its Diet Fry feature. It has made boiling milk an easy job by providing a lid-covered accessory and Pasteurize Milk feature to retain the nutrition of milk while killing all the bacteria. The 360° Motorised Rotessorie helps you make barbeque at home,and a Multicook Tawa helps give browning to your dishes. Enjoy easy cooking with one touch with a 251 Auto Cook Menu and 175 Indian Auto Cook Menu, and 12 different varieties of Indian rotis with Indian Roti Basket.With such amazing specs, it’s no wonder why it’s our first entry on this list of the best convection microwave oven in India 2022.


1.  Autocook Menu

The LG microwave comes with pre-set menus with 251 recipes. All you have to do is select the dish you intend to cook and press “Start” to get a new dish everyday.

2.  Indian Roti Basket

With just one touch of a button, you can get 12 different varieties of exotic Indian rotis like tandoori rotis, naan, lachcha parant has and missi rotis etc.

3.  Diet Fry

You can fry your food with minimal oil (up to 88% less oil)using Diet Fry. Now you can cook crispy dishes while being conscious of your health.

4.   Pasteurized Milk

The Pasteurize Milk feature removes bacteria from your milk while retaining nutrition. Now you can finally get rid of the hassles of conventional boiling.

5.  Motorised Rotisserie

You can make your own barbeque at home easily with this 360° motorized rotisserie and get tasty and crispy recipes in one touch.

6.  Multi Cook Tawa

This non-stick tray with a special coating is useful for dishes that require bottom heating and extra browning.

7.  Paneer/Curd

You can prepare delicious curd or paneer at home with this LG all-in-one microwave oven.

8.   Ghee

You can make hygienic ghee in just 12 minutes with no smell using the latest LG microwave ovens.

9.  Stainless Steel Cavity

The microwave comes with a stainless steel cavity to ensure better reflection and uniform heating, making your cooking more even and better.       

10.  Keep Warm

This microwave keeps your food at just the right temperature for up to 90 minutes.

11.  Attractive Floral Pattern

Its beautiful pattern complements your kitchen’s interiors and adds a hint of colour to it.

12. Recipe Book

Learn how to cook delicious, exotic,but easy-to-make dishes from all around India with this microwave oven recipe book.

  Technical Details:-

Model: MC2886BRUM

Colour: Black

Material: ABS

Oven Cooking Mode: Convection

Capacity: 28 Liters

Installation Type: Countertop

Special Features: Auto_cook

Wattage: 1950 Watts

Defrost System: Defrost

Included Components: Microwave oven, Owner’s manual, Cook book, Shelf, Milk container, Rotisserie bar and handle, Glass tray and tawa and Rotating ring

Item Weight: 22 kg 700 g

Item Dimensions: 51cm (length) x 30.5cm (width) x 49.5cm (height)

2) Ifb 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30frc2, Floral Pattern) (Black)


The second microwave to feature on our list of the best convection microwave oven in India is this 30 litres stainless-steel convection microwave from IFB. With its sleek design, beautiful floral patterns and technological features, it’s a great addition to any kitchen. It provides a wide range of cooking options like multi-stage cooking, 10 variable cooking power levels and 101 ready-to-cook menus. It has multiple heating options to defrost your frozen foods or to reheat them just to the right temperature.It helps you cook effectively with ergonomic features like a timer option, motorized rotisserie for cooking meat evenly and a fermentation feature to make homemade dough or yoghurt.


1.  101 Standard Menus

You can make up to 101 complex Indian dishes in a matter of minutes with just the touch of a button.

2.  Timer Option

It keeps you informed about the time left, cooking time and power level as you do other work while the food heats up.

3.  Overheating Protection

It saves itself from overheating by switching off the microwave’s heating element when the temperature gets too high.

4.  Auto Defrost

Just enter the weight of the frozen food, and the microwave will defrost it for you.

5.  Steam Clean

You can use the Steam Clean option to remove grease from the microwave in a matter of minutes.

6.  Child Lock

An essential feature for any home with kids playing around, this feature locks your microwave, preventing any accidents.

  Technical Details:-

Model: 30FRC2

Colour: Black

Material: Metal

Door Material: Metal

Capacity: 30 litres

Oven Cooking Mode: Convection

Installation Type: Counter top

Special Features: Auto_cook

Wattage: 2200 Watts

Voltage: 230 Volts

Defrost System: Defrost

Included Components: Microwave Oven, Manual & Warranty card

Item Weight: 18 kg 400 g

Item Dimensions: 44cm (length) x 53.9cm (width) x 30cm (height)

3) Lg 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (mj3286brus, Black, With Starter Kit)​


This stylish and efficient microwave oven from LG is included in our list of the best microwave oven in India as it makes cooking easier than ever before. With a load of impressive features, this microwave does everything like stewing, baking, roasting, browning, pasteurizing, barbecuing, diet frying, grilling and steaming. It lets you prepare 12 varieties of Indian rotis with Indian Roti Basket.+ Charcoal Lighting Heater keeps natural flavours while grilling. You can also fry with minimal oil for a healthy diet and make paneer/curd and ghee using this microwave with the touch of a button. There’s no need to eat out any more as this microwave makes it very easy to make tasty food at home.


1.  Diet Fry

The Diet Fry feature lets you enjoy your favourite crunchy and crispy foods while using minimal oil. You can now stay healthy while enjoying the good taste of fried foods as they take 88% less oil to make.

2.   Charcoal Lighting Heater

You can save time and energy with LG’s Charcoal Lighting Heater. It maintains natural flavour while cooking and keeps your food juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

3.   Active Convection

The LG microwave oven has Active Convection with two top and two bottom heaters, adjustable fan speed and energy saving grill heat. This ensures that your food is always uniformly cooked.

4.   Steam Chef

Two stainless steel accessories- a steam dome and a multi cook tawa are included with the microwave to make your cooking faster and healthier. It generates steam and keeps your food crispy.

5.  Motorised Rotisserie

You can enjoy your favourite paneer tikka or chicken tikka at home with a simple touch of a button.  The 360° Motorised Rotisserie lets you cook crispy and tasty barbeque recipes at your home with even and uniform roasting without any manual intervention.

6.  Indian Roti Basket

With this technology, you can prepare 12 different exotic Indian rotis such as naans, tandoori rotis, missi rotis, lachcha parant has etc., with just the press of a button on the microwave.

7.  Ghee

You can make hygienic ghee in around 12 minutes with no trace of a smell, with this latest feature on LG microwave ovens.

8.  Paneer/Curd

This LG microwave also gives you the option to make delicious paneer/curd at home.

9.  Stainless Steel Cavity

The microwave oven has a rust-proof, stainless-steel cavity with a glossy finish which results in better reflection and uniform heating of your food.

10.  Floral Pattern

An attractive floral pattern adds a hint of colour to your kitchen and beautifies the interior of your kitchen.

11. Microwave Oven Recipe Book

With this recipe book, you can learn to cook many simple but delicious recipes from all around India.

  Technical Details:-


Colour: Black

Material: ABS

Oven Cooking Mode: Convection

Capacity: 32 litres

Special Features: Tact Button/Jog Dial

Wattage: 2400 Watts

Defrost System: Defrost

Included Components: Microwave oven, Owner’s manual, Recipe manual, Cook book, Shelf, Sream chef, Rotisserie bar and handle, Glass tray and tawa and Rotating ring

Item Weight: 27 kg 900 g

Item Dimensions: 53cm (length) x 32.2cm (width) x 53.3cm (height)

4) Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven (ms23j5133ag/TL, Black)


This Samsung microwave oven features on our list of best selling microwave oven in India as it helps you prepare food easily with a host of features. It has 16 pre-programmed recipes to help you prepare everything from green beans, brown rice to chicken breasts or salmon steaks without having to go through the steps manually. You can also perform delicate tasks like softening butter or melting chocolate with Soften/Melt function. There’s also the Food Warming function to reheat food without affecting its flavour or texture and Power Defrost to defrost frozen foods in a short time. This 23-litre microwave makes convenient cooking a habit with so many helpful control options.


1. 16 Recipe Modes

These recipe modes help you prepare delectable dishes without the hassle of going through the steps manually. Make easy cooking a habit with these pre-programmed recipes and if you can’t finish it in one go, use the Food Warming feature to reheat the food.

2. Food Warming

With this feature, you can keep your food warm at the proper temperature without having to worry about over-cooking it. Reheating food does not change its flavour or texture and tastes like freshly cooked food, ready to be served.

3.  Soften/Melt

Choose your Samsung Solo Microwave as your sous chef to melt chocolate or soften butter. Select from four modes for softening/melting butter, chocolate or sugar and get perfectly softened or melted ingredients.

4. Healthy Cooking

16 healthy and tasty recipes are pre-programmed in the microwave for your convenience. You can cook many flavourful foods ranging from brown rice to green beans and grilled salmon steaks to boneless chicken breasts, confident that the results will be delectable.

5.  Power Defrost

You can defrost your frozen foods evenly and quickly with Power Defrost. This will ensure that your food doesn’t get soggy when defrosted but stays in its freshest state.

6. Ceramic Inside

This Samsung microwave comes with a smooth ceramic interior. It is made in such a way that it doesn’t scratch or discolour. It is also easy to clean and has 99.9% anti-bacterial protection.

7.  Sleek Design

Samsung’s latest microwaves use CMF design trends and functionality factors to make your microwave stylish and perfectly fitted for your kitchen. This CMF design is applied to Samsung products with mirrors and stainless steel.

  Technical Details:-

Model: MS23J5133AG/TL 

Colour: Black

Material: Ceramic

Oven Cooking Mode: Solo

Capacity: 23 litres

Annual Energy Consumption: 900 Kilowatt Hours

Installation Type: Countertop

Special Features: Auto_cook

Burner Type: Ceramic

Wattage: 900

Voltage: 230 Volts

Fuel Type: Electric

Defrost System: Power Defrost

Included Components: Microwave, Turntable and Manual

Item Weight: 12 kg

Item Dimensions: 33.8cm (length) x 48.9cm (width) x 27.5cm (height)

5) Lg 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (ms2043db, Black)


This 20 litres Solo microwave oven from LG features on this list as it’s an efficient cooking tool and has an affordable microwave price in India. It comes with 5 power levels to control its temperature efficiently and I-Wave technology to uniformly circulate microwaves inside the cavity. The anti-bacterial cavity helps keep the microwave clean and hygienic. With features like Intello wave technology and 44 Auto cook Menu, you can become a master in cooking and make delicious recipes all day. It’s compact design, and energy-saving technology makes it a great addition to any kitchen. It makes performing simple tasks like heating soup, reheating meals, defrosting or baking easier with ergonomic features like Next Step guide, 245 mm turntable, Alarm and Child-Lock.


1. Intellowave Technology

This technology in LG Solo Microwave ovens ensures healthier and faster cooking.

2. Healthy and Tasty Cooking

Witha controlled heating option, it helps in making yummy food with this microwave.

3. Energy Saving

This microwave oven saves energy by turning off the display when the unit is inactive for more than 5 minutes.

4. Autocook Menu

Dish out surprises everyday with Autocook Menu, which lets you make new dishes easily using a pre-set menu. You only need to select the dish you want and press start to make the new dish.

5. Keep Warm

You can keep your food warm inside the microwave oven for up to 90 minutes.

6. Anti Bacteria Cavity

It’s Anti-Bacterial, and Easy Clean coating helps with easy cleaning and reduces bacterial growth in the cavity of the microwave. Thus, you no longer need to worry about odour formation.

7. Health Plus Menu

There is a special autocook menu included just for health-conscious people.

  Technical Details:-

Model: MS2043DB.DB1QIL

Colour: Black

Material: Others

Oven Cooking Mode: Solo

Capacity: 20 litres

Installation Type: Counter top

Special Features: Auto_cook

Wattage: 700 Watts

Defrost System: Defrost

Included Components: Microwave Oven

Item Weight: 12 kg 300 g

Item Dimensions: 45.5cm (length) x 25.2cm (width) x 32cm (height)

6) Bajaj 17 Litres Solo Microwave Oven With Mechanical Knob (1701 MT, White)


Next on our list is this 17 litres Solo microwave oven from Bajaj, having a compact size and an affordable oven price in India. Suitable for small families or bachelors, this microwave fits perfectly no matter the storage space. Thanks to its 30-minute timer and an alarm that notifies you when the cooking is complete, you can flexibly control the cooking time with ease. It has user-friendly controls such as mechanical control knobs and a timer. It also has a defrost function and quick and efficient thawing. It is powered by 700 Watts of output that leads to a faster cooking time. With all these features, you will have no trouble making delicious meals at home.


1.    30 Minutes Timer

This Bajaj microwave oven lets you control your cooking requirements with a 30-minute timer. Once the cooking process is complete, the built-in timer sends you a notification alert.

2.   Mechanical Controls

You can change the heating level and temperature with this mechanical control knob according to the type of food being cooked

3.    17 Litres Capacity

It comes with a storage capacity of 17 litres and is compact enough to fit anywhere in the kitchen.

4.    700 Watts Output

You can get faster and more efficient cooking time with this higher power output.

  Technical Details:-

Model: 1701 MT

Colour: White

Oven Cooking Mode: Solo

Capacity: 17 litres

Installation Type: Counter top

Special Features: Auto_cook

Wattage: 700 Watts

Defrost System: Defrost

Item Weight: 11 kg 300g

Item Dimensions: 28cm (length) x 40.2cm (width) x 21.2cm (height)

7) Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE1041DSB2/TL, Black, SlimFry)


This 28 litres microwave oven is large enough to suit the needs of large families and thus, features on our list of the best convection microwave in India. You can enjoy healthy, fried food with the help of Slim Fry technology to cook food using only a touch of oil. Your cooking is made a lot easier with its Auto Cook menu, which has the number of pre-programmed settings to help you cook new recipes. You can grill food at a high temperature of 200˚C or make homemade curd/dough using the Fermentation function, which sets just the right temperature for fermenting milk/flour. Some additional features of this microwave include – Touch Key Pad (Membrane), Ceramic Enamel Cavity and Child Lock.


  1. Auto Cook Menu

This feature can help you immensely if your food comes out too hot or cold from the microwave oven. The Auto Cook Menu is full of pre-programmed settings for many recipes, which you can use to cook your food at the perfect temperature.

  1. Indian Recipe

A wide variety of pre-programmed local recipes are available on the Samsung app for you to enjoy with the touch of a button.

  1. SlimFry

You can enjoy healthy fried food without using a deep fryer and avoid greasy pans and splatters entirely as this Samsung microwave comes with Slim Fry technology. This combines the grill function and effective warm air circulation so you can cook your food crispy from the inside out, using only a touch of oil.

  1. Ceramic Enamel Cavity

The microwave oven comes with an innovative Ceramic Enamel Cavity to make your cooking experience more holistic. This makes the insides of the microwave durable, hygienic, easy to clean and 99.9% bacteria-free.

  1. Roti/Naan

The microwave can be turned into a Tandoor with temperatures up to 200˚C. You can make crispy rotis and naan on this Smart Oven with the touch of a button.

  1. Curd/Dough

The Fermentation Function of this microwave lets you make homemade dough or curd. By setting the right temperatures, it gives you more options for delicious meals. 

Technical Details:-

Model: CE1041DSB2/TL

Capacity: 28 litres

Warranty: 1 Year

Volume Capacity Name: 28 litres

Item Weight: 17 kg 500 g

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 32.7 x 35.8 x 23.6 Centimeters

Installation Type: Countertop

Special Features: Auto Cook, Defrost, Control Panel lock, Racks, Timer, interior Light, Turntable

Oven Cooking Mode: Convection

Colour: Black

Wattage: 2100 Watts

Defrost System: Defrost

Material: Ceramic

Included Components: Microwave oven, Wire rack, Crusty plate and Quick guide label

Batteries Included: No

Batteries Required: No

What Are the Different Parts of a Microwave Oven and Their Functionalities?

We will begin our microwave buying guide India by explaining firstly how this appliance works. The microwave’s inner workings comprise separate but connected systems- i) the control section and ii) the high voltage section. The control section is responsible for safely channelling electricity from the power source to the microwave oven. The high voltage section converts the electricity into microwave rays and emits them into the main chamber to heat the food. In addition to these two major systems, several parts, sensors and security devices are involved in the functioning of a microwave:


This device is a part of the control section and helps channel electricity from the power source through the cord to the high voltage section. By default, this electromagnetic relay seals the inner-circuits of the microwave. When it is turned on, the traic switches to an “on” position, permitting current flow to the high voltage transformer.

  High Voltage Transformer

A microwave requires much more power than normally supplied to homes. A high voltage transformer solves this problem by magnifying the power supplied from the home’s wirings to the power needed to produce microwaves. It does so using a series of capacitors to loop the flowing current making it more powerful.

  Magnetron Tube

This converts the amplified electrical current passed from the transformer into microwave energy. Its specially-made diode controls electrons using magnetic fields. Electrons passing through the diode heat up a filament which emits energy in the form of microwaves.

  Wave Guide

The microwave energy created from the magnetron is channelled and directed into the cooking chamber by a device called the wave guide. The microwaves then bounce off the inner walls passing though food or drink placed on the turntable of the oven, heating it up.

  Cooking Cavity

Microwave ovens utilize a deep cavity which, along with the frame of the oven and the door, forms a sealed box to keep all microwaves inside it. This is because microwave energy can be very dangerous to humans. The oven door is covered by a thin metal grid so it can form an effective seal.

These parts and devices come together when you put your foot to be reheated inside the microwave oven.

How Does a Microwave Oven Work?

Microwave ovens use microwaves, a type of electromagnetic radiation with long wavelengths and lower frequency and energy than other types of radiation except for radio waves. This radiation channels heat energy to the molecules inside your food. The method by which this heating is performed is given as follows.

  1. When you press the “Start” button after placing your food in the microwave, it flips the triac to the “on” position. This permits current to flow through your oven to the high voltage transformer.
  2. The transformer begins amplifying the current till it reaches a much higher voltage.
  3. The microwave generator called magnetron takes the amplified electricity and converts it into high powered 12 cm microwaves.
  4. These waves get blasted into the food compartment through a channel called wave guide.
  5. The microwaves bounce off the reflective metal walls of the compartment like a mirror but penetrate inside your food, increasing the frequency of vibrations of the molecules of your food. The vibration generates heat,so food becomes hotter, the faster the molecules vibrate.
  6. The turntable revolves slowly, and the food heats up uniformly as the microwaves pass evenly through the food.

What Are the Different Types of Microwave Ovens?

There are two broad categories of a microwave, based on their mode of operation:

  Conventional Microwave Oven

It works on the simple principle of using microwaves through glass or plastic containers to heat food. There are two types of conventional microwaves- Solo and Grill.

  Solo Microwave Ovens

These are the most basic or entry-level models and are good for reheating and cooking simple recipes only. They feature only one magnetron and have limited capacity suitable for not more than 1 or 2 people. They do not come with a lot of features, such as grilling or baking functions. They do have the most affordable prices, which is why some people may consider them the best microwave oven for home use.

  Grill Microwave Ovens

Grill microwaves are slightly better options than Solo ones as they can grill food besides being able to cook, defrost and reheat them. They have heating coils added to them, which help to make the best grill possible. They also come with additional grilling accessories making them suitable for grilling meat and vegetables like paneer. They also come with pre-sets and can be used for roasting food or making toasts.

  Convection Microwave Ovens

This type of ovens uses two technologies simultaneously, using microwaves and additional heating technology. The heat source is usually radiation from intense light emitted by a quartz halogen bulb. This enables faster cooking as well as makes your food tastier. There is also a fan at the back of the oven, which helps to circulate hot air resulting in uniform cooling. It also makes the food crustier and speeds up the cooking process. These are the best quality ovens for baking, defrosting, frying, grilling, reheating and roasting. However, the best microwave convection ovens are very expensive due to their advanced technologies.

Should I Buy a Microwave Oven or a Conventional Electric Oven?

  Why Buy a Conventional Electric Oven?

Conventional ovens use the thermal insulation method to generate heat to bake the food. It comprises two heating devices- one placed on the top while the other is located at the bottom. Within these devices, there are coiled bundles of copper wires which generate heat when electricity is passed through them. Inside the oven are fans to circulate hot air, which heats the entire chamber and cooks the food uniformly.


  • Ovens are especially useful for roasting, deep frying and baking foods like bread, cake, cookies, meat and pastries etc.
  • Conventional ovens are the best oven for baking in India and the primary method for cooking for professional chefs. Foods like cookies, fries and fritters etc.,can be baked in an oven for enhanced flavour and extra crispy crust.
  • Another main benefit of using conventional ovens is their temperature controls. Different foods cook at certain temperatures, and these ovens provide precise control.


  • It wastes a lot of time and increases your energy bills as the oven needs to be heated to a certain temperature before it can be used. It also uses more power because unlike, a microwave oven, it uses direct heating and takes longer cooking time.
  • Direct heat from the oven can lead to uneven cooking or overcooking, which ruins the nutrient value of the food and changes its texture and taste for the worst.
  • The largest downside of conventional ovens is their high price. For the same price, a microwave can do a lot more functions, including that of the oven itself.

  Why Buy a Microwave Oven?

As discussed before, a microwave oven uses microwave radiations to cause vibrations in the molecules of the food, heating it.


  • A microwave can be used for multiple functions like pre-heating, boiling, defrosting, simmering and steaming. Some microwaves can also perform the additional job of conventional ovens,such as baking and grilling.
  • A microwave oven will heat your food from the inside out. This result in higher efficiency and lower electric consumption as it doesn’t need any pre-heating or use direct heating like conventional electric ovens.
  • It cooks food evenly and can maintain the flavour and texture of the foods. This minimizes the loss of nutrients when reheating and cooking food in the microwave.
  • It can avoid overcooking with its controlled radiation.
  • A microwave oven is much easier to use and also cooks food faster than electric ovens.


  • Microwaves have trouble heating up thick foods, especially ones that are an inch or thicker. Even though it has no trouble reheating foods, you can’t effectively cook a chicken fillet in it.
  • Certain foods and products cannot be used in a microwave oven. Eggs without the right amount of water can explode, and anything containing metal causes sparks or combustion in the microwave oven.

Overall, one may consider the microwave to be a better option because of its versatility. Whether it’s making a quick,ready-meal, defrosting some frozen meat or reheating your dinner, the microwave is an extremely handy tool in the kitchen.Cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs, on the other hand, might want to look for best conventional oven in India as the oven is a better appliance for baking in large quantities.

Microwave Oven vs Otg- Which Is Better?

An Oven Toaster and Griller (OTG) is a widely used appliance used exclusively for grilling, baking and toasting. It uses heated coils like an electric oven and has a thermostat to control the temperature. A microwave oven is a more complex but versatile appliance that can be used for cooking, reheating or defrosting foods. Given below is a brief comparison between these two popular appliances to see which one you might prefer.

  1. Heating Method: An OTG uses electric coils for heating, while a microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves (microwaves) to oscillate the molecules inside the food, causing it to heat up.
  2. Heating Time: OTG works much faster than traditional ovens but still is much slower at 15 minutes of cooking time compared to a maximum of 5 minutes to cook for a microwave.
  3. Heat Distribution: OTG has less uniform heat distribution than microwave ovens because of the turntables of a microwave. Some microwaves also have a fan to evenly distribute heat.
  4. Auto-Cook Functionality: No OTG has it, while some microwave ovens have auto-cook functionality.
  5. Baking Functionality: An OTG is the best oven to buy in India for professional bakers, as it is a dedicated appliance for baking and grilling. Only convection microwave ovens can be used for baking purposes.
  6. Container Options: Glass, ceramic, silicone and metal vessels can all be used with an OTG. Metal vessels cannot be used in a microwave.
  7. Power Usage: OTG uses less power than microwave ovens.
  8. Capacity: The maximum capacity of OTG can be as much as 60 litres, while a microwave can go only up to 32 litres.
  9. Weight: OTGs are lightweight and easy to move around. A microwave oven is much heavier and difficult to shift often.
  10. Best-For: OTGs are the appliance of choice for professional bakers or chefs for baking and grilling. Microwave ovens are a multi-purpose appliance that candefrost, reheat, bake and grill,as well as be used for simple cooking.

An OTG is a good investment for professional bakers or those looking for an exclusive appliance for the highest quality baking, toasting and grilling. A microwave is a more versatile appliance that can reheat, defrost and help in cooking. A convection microwave can also grill and bake while saving more time and energy.

What Are the Different Positions of Setting Your Microwave Oven?

Over the years, kitchen designers and builders have come up with different ways of setting their microwaves besides instead of just putting them on their counter. More microwave ovens are built with mountings to suit these different positions. Some of the locations microwaves can set at are:

  Counter Top

This is the simplest and the traditional position to set your microwave. Its biggest advantage is that you can move it around anywhere you want, as this doesn’t need to be built-in. You can place it in a microwave cart to save counter space if you need to. Due to it being so commonplace, you will find that it has the most affordable microwave oven price in India.

Above the Range

Placing your microwave above the stove as range hoods is a great position because that space often gets wasted. It also places the microwave at an easy-to-reach position at eye-level. The downside is the extra cost of microwaves with special mountings and the effort/cost of installing them there.

  Under-Cabinet (Suspended)

You can get a microwave designed to be suspended/hung from the upper cabinets of your kitchen. You should make sure to have decent clearance above the counter top. This gets you some space on the counter top and makes it easy to clean it up.

  Above the Counter (Built-in)

When renovating your kitchen or building a new one, you can install your microwave oven, building it into one of the cabinets. It’s a popular location as it does not take any counter top space, and you can put it at any height you want.

  Below the Counter (Built-in)

A relatively new position, these microwave ovens can be installed by a professional in the drawers below the counters. These help by not occupying space on the counters.

Nowadays, there’s no need to place your microwave oven in one location. Different options for microwave placements exist to put your microwave in a more convenient location and make your kitchen look better.Although, you might want to check the microwave oven prices of these newer types and their installation charges before buying one.

How Much Capacity Should My Microwave Have?

The perfect size of your microwave depends on a number of factors such as the number of members in your house, the type of food you cook and the number of guests that come to your home. You need a bigger microwave oven to reheat/cook for more people or to cook certain foods like a whole chicken, duck or a turkey. Following are the different capacities of microwaves in litres required for different family sizes or food habits:

  1. 15 to 20 Litres Solo Microwave Ovens: Ideal for a small family of 2-3 members or bachelors, these small microwaves are of the solo type and can reheat food and make tea, coffee, milk, rice, noodles, pasta etc.
  2. 21-30 Litres Grill/Convection Microwave Ovens: For small-medium families of 2-4 members, grill or convection microwaves need to have 21-30 litres capacity. It can reheat food and make tea, coffee, milk, rice, noodles etc. These can grill items like kebabs, tandoori chicken, and convection ovens can also be used for baking cakes, bread and pizza.
  3. 25-30 Litres Solo Microwave Ovens: Solo microwaves for medium-large families of 4-6 members needs to have 25-30 litres capacity. It can be used to defrost and reheat foods. It can also be used to make milk, coffee, tea, noodles, rice, pasta, pop-corn etc.
  4. 32 Litres or Above Grill/Convection Microwave Ovens: These are the best convection microwave ovens for large families with capacities beyond 32 litres. These can be used for grilling and baking food as well as for reheating/defrosting

How Much Is the Power Consumption of a Microwave?

The following things affect the power consumption of a microwave oven:

  • The size of a microwave affects its energy consumption; therefore, larger microwaves consume more power.
  • Conversely, the larger the wattage of the oven, the lesser is the time needed to cook food, and less is the energy consumption.
  • Temperature also governs the power consumption of a microwave oven. The wattage is higher if an oven is running at a higher temperature which lessens the power consumption and vice versa.
  • Some microwaves come with power-saving mode built-in them, making it easier to control energy consumption.
  • Some microwaves have intelligent heating systems which ensure it consumes the minimum power.
  • To find the power consumption of the particular model of a microwave oven, you need to find the rated power wattage of your microwave and the electricity tariff charged by your provider. This, along with the number of hours you operate the appliance, can tell you the power consumption of your microwave by the following formula:

Electricity bill = Rated power (Watt) X Operational hours (h) X Electricity bill (Rs per KWh)

Generally, the power consumption of popular brands of microwave ovens is between 600 to 1400 Watts. Some of the best microwave ovens for baking have electric coils and, thus, slightly higher electric consumption, though nowhere as high as conventional ovens.

What Are the Essential Criteria for Choosing the Best Microwave Oven?

  1. Size

It’s best to check the capacity of a microwave oven that you want to buy. You should consider how much food you need to cook/reheat in the microwave for you and your family. You should also consider how much space you have available to place it.

  1. Wattage

Wattage determines the efficiency of your microwave, with higher wattage ones being the most efficient. They cook your food in the least time, also ensuring uniform heating.

  1. Heat Distribution

To get the most delicious food, you need uniform heat distribution. This can be achieved by the glass turntable, which rotates 360° to evenly heat your food. Fans are present in some microwaves to provide even better uniform heating.

  1. Materials

Materials used to construct the microwave needs to be durable and sturdy. Make sure the microwave you are looking to buy meets the required standards. Stainless steel and glass are good materials and are rust-resistant, and prevent scratches.

  1. Safety

There are many safety features to look for in the best convection ovens, like child safety which are essential for those having kids at home. There are also sensors to detect when cooking is done and overheat protection to switch off the machine when too high temperatures are detected.

  1. Timer

A timer allows you to do household chores and multitask as your food gets prepared. You only need to set your preferred time for heating, grilling or defrosting.

  1. User-Friendly Controls

Buying a product that you have trouble using can be a very frustrating experience. Features like ergonomic and large and easy-to-use controls, detailed user guides, user-friendly options make buying a microwave oven worthwhile.

  1. Keep Warm Feature

This enables units to keep very low warming for a long time (as much as 90 minutes for some models) to keep food warm or to prevent overcooking.

  1. Racks

Removable racks are included in some models, which allows you to prepare multiple dishes at once.

  1. Warranty

You should look for microwave ovens with more than the standard warranty of one year. Some microwave ovens from reputable brands can offer assurance with a warranty of up to three years.

What Are the Latest Features Offered by New Microwaves?

If you have been looking for “which microwave oven to buy in India” lately, you may have noticed some unique features and terminologies come up.Let’s discuss some of these latest features:

  1. Auto Cook Menu

This feature simplifies cooking by including a set of pre-set menus of different recipes. All you would have to do is select which type of dish you want to cook and set the weight. This results in the microwave, automatically calculating how much power and time is needed to cook the food.

  1. Preheat

For baking and grilling certain food items, some microwaves can reach certain temperatures before cooking can proceed. To do this, you turn on the microwave oven and wait till it has reached the required temperature.

  1. Rotisserie

This grilling accessory provided with some microwave ovens helps to toast, grill and make barbeque. It rotates the food for even roasting needed to make the perfect kebab or tandoori.

  1. Defrost

This feature helps to defrost any frozen food from the refrigerator.

  1. Timer

Microwaves allow you to configure the cooking duration ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on how long you intend to cook the food.

  1. Child Lock

The latest microwave ovens let you keep children safe from accidentally touching the hot surfaces of a microwave or opening the oven midway during operation. You can lock the microwave using a password using the child-lock facility and prevent unnecessary accidents.

  1. Microwave Panels –  There are three types of control panels in a microwave:-
  • Mechanical

Many solos and economical microwave ovens employ easy-to-use and durable mechanical controls like knobs and panels.

  • Tactile button

Tactile buttons and jog-wheel controls make it easy to control the appliance even with hands soiled by dough.

  • Feather-touch

This is a feature provided by the more expensive options that appear when you search for “oven price in India”. With this innovative control system called feather touch, you can set accurate timing and temperature in the microwave oven. It can sense your fingers just like a smartphone.

  1. Accessories

A lot of microwave accessories are offered with the latest microwave ovens like microwave-safe bowls, vessels, cookware, insulated gloves, microwave stands and covers etc. These can also be found in online stores.

What Benefits Can You Get From Using Microwave Ovens?

The following are some benefits of using a microwave oven:

  1. Microwave ovens have easy-to-use controls and a user-friendly design. They are so easy to operate even someone who has never seen one can use them for the very first time with no help from anyone else.
  2. A microwave oven can be used for a number of purposes like defrosting, reheating, cooking simple meals etc. Some can also be used for grilling and baking. Its practicality and versatility make it the answer to the question, “What type of oven would the best oven in India be?”
  3. A microwave takes very little time to cook, grill or even bake food items. It takes a maximum of only 5 minutes to heat food to high temperatures, saving you a lot of time while cooking. Most of them also come with a timer so you can leave your machine to do chores while the unit switches off after the cooking is done.
  4. A microwave oven is very easy to maintain as itis made of materials that can be easily cleaned up.
  5. A microwave makes for very healthy food as it doesn’t lose any of its nutritional value while cooking.

What Are Some Common Myths Associated With Microwave Ovens?

Are some common myths people associate with microwaves:

  1. Microwaving Food Makes It Less Nutritious

Microwave ovens don’t use direct heat like conventional ovens instead of heating food by intense vibration of the molecules inside the food. This results in no chemical reactions affecting the quality of food. Moreover, microwaving use less water for cooking food, which means vegetables don’t lose their nutrients when cooked in water.

  1. Microwaves Cook Food All the Way Inside

According to research in the US, microwaves can penetrate up to only 1.5 inches of food. This makes even the best microwave ovens not safe to cook poultry items in the microwave as microwave ovens don’t cook them all the way through.

  1. Plastics and Ceramics Are Safe to Use With Microwaves

Plastic containers are unsafe to use in a microwave oven because there are chances that they could break down chemically releasing poisonous substances inside the food. Glass and ceramic are better options than even high-grade BPA plastic. Ceramic vessels can be oven-safe or non-safe. Non-safe ceramics can crack or shatter when taken out of the microwave. Even non-safe glass vessels can shatter when taken outside the microwave.

  1. Sitting in Front of the Microwave Can Cause Cancer

No scientific studies have found any conclusive evidence of radiation from microwaves causing cancer. This is because microwave energy is converted to heat energy when it passes through food, and there is no risk of making the food itself “radioactive” or “contaminated”. In addition, safety standards make sure that the microwave oven is well-insulated during its operation, so there’s little concern about any radiation leaking out.

What Are the Dos and Don’Ts of Microwave Safety?

  What to do to operate a microwave safely?

  • Follow the operating procedures of the microwave oven as recommended by the manufacturer. You should read and understand all parts of the instruction manual before using the appliance.
  • You should use oven-safe gloves while operating a convection microwave as the insides can become very heated when it is baking food items.
  • It’s a good idea to use microwave-safe cookware specially manufactured and marked as such.
  • Regularly clean the oven cavity, door and outer edge of the cavity using mild detergent. There’s no need to use a special oven cleaner.
  • You should stir the food inside the microwave oven after switching it off and taking out the food. Even the best microwave oven for home use can have some portion of the food unequally heat. Stirring the food, therefore, creates even heat distribution.

  What not to do when operating a microwave oven?

  • Don’t operate a microwave whose door does not close firmly or is bent, damaged or warped. A door seals the microwave, and no microwave with problems in its door should be operated. As an additional precaution, ensure that the microwave doesn’t operate with its door open.
  • Do not heat water or any other liquid for a time longer than recommended in the instructions. Heating a liquid for too long can result in it getting super-heated, and it reacts violently with even a slight disturbance like pouring coffee in the cup of super-hot water.
  • Ovens should not be operated when it is empty.
  • Don’t stand directly against a microwave for an added precaution.
  • Don’t allow children to operate or put their hands inside a microwave oven.
  • It is best not to use microwave-unsafe vessels, even ones made of plastic, ceramic or glass. Unsafe ceramic and glass vessels are prone to shattering when taken outside the microwave oven, while plastic vessels can disintegrate and release toxic substances.
  • Avoid putting anything containing metal inside the microwave oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microwaving doesn’t emit release form of radiation in food as it heats up food items from the inside. Moreover, it’s better and safer than other cooking methods as it preserves nutrients in food and prevents the formation of harmful compounds.

Convection microwave ovens allow you to prepare foods in the same way as using a traditional oven. It uses direct heating with fans to distribute the heating. This makes it versatile as you can use it for defrosting, grilling, pre-heating, cooking, baking and any other form of food preparation. These ovens usually have larger capacities which make them suitable for preparing large batches of food for more people.

Some metals reflect microwaves which then bounce off the walls of the inner cavity and then back to the metal object. This goes on a loop till the transmitter of the microwave gets overheated and damaged. Metals with pointed edges can lead to an accumulation of electrons which can form a mini “lightning”.

No. Table-top microwaves don’t have the support or the mountings needed to be installed as a built-in one. Built-in microwaves used as a table-top would have their sides exposed without panelling. This can lead to the sides becoming unbearably hot.

There’s no scientific evidence available currently that supports the statement that radiation from microwaves can cause cancer. Even a toaster emits more radiation than a microwave oven. However, it’s best to avoid standing directly in front of a microwave just to be on the safe side.

Microwave ovens can survive seven years of regular usage if not exposed to any damage. It can last for more than even seven years of use if the appliance is taken care of and used sparingly. If used heavily or recklessly, it can last for four-five years or less.

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